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PENAN Tote Peony (Medium)

RM 99.00


The Penans are part of an indigenous nomadic forest hunters that live mostly in Sarawak but also live in smaller numbers in Kalimantan and Brunei.  The Penan are also known as Punan, Pennan, Poenan, Poonan, Pounan.  


Penan Bags was established in 2018 and is sourced and weaved from Penan ladies. All bags are finely handmade by Penan lady masterweavers. This product aims to elevate the humble & modest status of Penan arts and products, make it more fun & current, and share the love for the bags with the rest of the world.


At the same time, this creates a connection and a greater social conscience among the public on the roles of the ingenious communities. They help to protect our environment, fight climate change, and build resilience to natural disasters, yet their rights aren't always protected. While Indigenous Peoples own, occupy, or use a quarter of the world's surface area, they safeguard 80% of the world's remaining biodiversity.