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HomeSave Health Flower Tea 5 Sachets 家安养生花茶

RM 11.95


50131 养生花茶 Health Flower Tea

功效 : 舒肝解郁,清热明目。

Benefit: : Dispersing stagnated liver-qi for relieving, clearing heat & improving eyesight.

煮法 : 材料倒入盛水器, 將煮沸的水倒入以清洗花茶。

再次倒入热水浸泡或焗10分钟即可享用, 可翻泡至无味。

Direction : Place ingredients in teapot, hot water to wash.

Add hot water soaked for 10minutes. Ready to serve.

Can refill until tasteless.

Storage Instructions

Keep in a cool dry place.