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Vin's Restaurant - Valentine's Set Meal A 2 pax

RM 125.00


Remark: Delivery service is available from 5:00pm - 9:00pm


Fresh Ricotta and Avocado Salad

Slices of avocado and ricotta cheese with segments of Valencia oranges, dressed in a zesty grapefruit lime dressing accompanied by slivered toasted almonds and fresh local greens.


Main Course

Grilled Cili Padi Chicken (2 portions)

Chargrilled free range boneless chicken thigh in a local bird's eye chili marinade, paired with cumin avocado puree, caramelised pineapples, cherry tomatoes, housemade salsa and pine nut drizzle.



Guanaja Chocolate with Sea Salt

Vin’s personal favourite dessert, this made to order dark chocolate cake is served warm, with rich flowing 70% French artisan dark chocolate, served with berry compote, dehydrated orange slivers and mascarpone cream quenelle.